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Spotter - ballistic assistant of the shooter

Spotter mounted on Walther Dominator Air Gun

Spotter device is designed for shooters to help them shooting at large distance and at large angle. Spotter allows them to shoot more accurately. Spotter forces shooter to keep rifle correctly during aiming. Shooters do not need to know trigonometry, aerodynamic or physics anymore.

Ballistic calculators require from shooters to input large number of data concerning rifle parameters and ammunition parameters. Shooters can easily make mistake inputting those data. In case of Spotter almost all parameters necessary for computations are taken from calibration process and from built-in sensors.

Muzzle break with measuring electronics

The source of data used for computations are muzzle velocity measuring circuit and orientation detection circuit. Terminal module allows input parameters like distance to target and read results of measurements and computations.

Procedure of use:

  1. Set distance to target on the terminal
  2. Place cross of scope on the target
  3. Press button placed close to the trigger to select the target
  4. Correct orientation of the rifle base on information obtained from the terminal
  5. Press the trigger
  6. If next target is in the same distance go to 2
  7. If next target is in different distance go to 1

Terminal of Spotter

Spotter gives the user following information:

Spotter sends acoustic signals if weapon is in incorrect position (tilt angle is too high). Optical signaling is also prepared.

In the future pressure sensor will be added for better estimation of air density soon. Wireless communication will be added for communication with external devices, tablets, smart phones and computers. Weather station with wireless communication will be added as an option, allowing correct wind influence.

Muzzle break mounted on the barrel and terminal mounted to the stock

Muzzle velocity measuring device should be mounted on the barrel. Terminal module should be mounted in such place which allow use thumb for data entry and see display with left eye when right eye is used to see through scope.